MWE Pure Passion: Business, Capital & Investments

Aachen/Germany. Board Marcus Wenzel of the MWE-Group Aachen in Germany makes a clear important statement at business with passion: „Business, Capital & Investments are my pure passion. Monday to Sunday 6 a. m. to Midnight.“

The 100% selfmade real estate millionaire M. Wenzel (29) Aachen seems to be like a workaholic and every normal worker is already fulfilled with maybe 40 hours a week.

BUT: For the young and ambitious entrepreneur Marcus Wenzel business, capital and investments are pure passion. Boss Wenzel loves what he’s doing and he is willing to perform always hard over the next 7 decades!

Actually the selfmade entrepreneur and Investor Marcus Wenzel from Germany is Board of the MWE-Group Aachen in Germany for over 6 years at the age of only 29.

That might be also a great success at all. The jubilee took place at 05/05/2015.

„6 years hard fighting on the market is good BUT me & my strong business partner will hurry on fighting rough, honest and powerful direct. 100% excellent performance is only our way to proceed always and the MWE-Group Aachen / Germany will be built up within great further success“, annotates the investment-expert M. Wenzel to the whole publicity.

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