MWE Enterprises & Real Estate Germany

Aachen/Germany. The MWE Enterprises belong to Investor Marcus Wenzel (29) Aachen.

Companies in the commercial register, single companies and strong real estate ownership in Aachen-City fulfill a powerful MWE-Group Aachen with Board & Investor Marcus Wenzel from Germany.

With only 29 years the investment-professional Marcus Wenzel is already over 6 years Board of the MWE-Group and own always direct proofable strong real estate assets in Aachen, a great city in Germany. 

In addition to that Investor Marcus Wenzel (29) Aachen own several full media -and market rights eg of the most cheekiest unemployed (GMCU) called Arno Duebel from Hamburg and more.

Boss Wenzel is also a well-known real estate asset manager for huge property in Aachen-City.

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